The Besen Group CEO Alex Besen to lead Private 5G Workshop at IoT Evolution Expo 2024

January 16, 2024

Washington, DC

The Besen Group, an international mobile data industry management consulting practice headquartered in the Washington DC area, with representatives in Paris and Tokyo, announced its CEO, Alex Besen, will lead a private 5G workshop titled "In-Depth Look at Private 5G Network Business Case for Automobile Manufacturers" on Tuesday February 13th from 10:45am - 11:30am at IoT Evolution Expo 2024 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Title: In-Depth Look at Private 5G Network Business Case for Automobile Manufacturers

Abstract: The workshop will provide participants comprehensive business case fundamentals on deploying the private 5G network at the automobile factory based on multiple different deployment models including on-premises, cloud, managed service, AWS and Azure. In addition, The Besen Group will present one of its private 5G network case studies for an automobile manufacturer.


  • The Besen Group Private 5G Network Case Study for Automobile Manufacturer
  • The Besen Group Business Case Methodology for Automobile Manufacturers
  • Factory Size: Factory Parameters, Private 5G Network Use Cases, Bandwidth Allocation
  • Spectrum Selection: Low-Band, Mid-Band and High-Band Spectrum
  • Small Cells Dimensioning Summary, Device Summary, Bandwidth Summary
  • TCO Summary: Capex Calculation, Opex Calculation and KPIs
  • Opportunity Cost Summary: Opportunity Cost Calculation and Summary Graphs

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