"Alex possesses a wealth of specialized knowledge about the MVNO space. His seminar at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 was an excellent learning experience, and his insight provided credibility to my most recent story on the Altice USA-Sprint partnership. As major US cable operators become more involved in the wireless space, I will continue to look at Alex for analysis."

Alex Silverman

"We've sponsored The Besen Group workshops at CTIA/MWC Americas on several occasions because they bring together a great cross-section of the MVNO industry in the US and produce interesting discussions and opportunities."

Atte Miettinen

"Alex has a great depth in understanding on different models and options for deploying 5G private networks."

Brian Hobson

"Alex, I wanted to follow up and let you know that your private LTE seminar at MWC Los Angeles 2019 was very informative and well presented. The How to Launch a Successful Private LTE network segment was fantastic! The presentation by Atte Miettinen, CEO of Limitless Mobile was excellent. Paul Kolodzy did a great job with private LTE spectrum opportunities. Last but not least was the private LTE use cases round table with an All-Star panel. The seminar was well worth the time and I look forward to attending future seminars."

Bob Merola

"Alex is a very good seminar organizer and meeting host, as well as a kind person when you talk to him. I attended The Besen Group's private 5G seminar at MWC Las Vegas 2023, all the presentations are high quality and valuable insights for the industry. That helped me a lot, great thanks for Alex and The Besen Group's good work."

Bruce Chen

"I had the pleasure of working with Alex on several projects, and besides being a very honourable and passionated professional, he is a great person to work with. I count him among my very acknowledgeable contacts and friends in the industry and welcome the chance to work with him anytime."

Christophe Garnier

"Alex Besen is a phenomenal individual for whom I have the greatest respect".

Dan Riker

"I appreciated the opportunity to participate in The Besen Group MSO MVNO workshop at MWC Americas. There was a good exchange of ideas amongst speakers from a variety of industries and geographies. With all the technical, business, and regulatory changes going on at this time, the content was spot on. Well done."

Dave Wright

"Having sponsored, attended and participated in The Besen Group's most recent private wireless event at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, Celona was truly impressed with the quality and quantity of content that Alex put together. Alex is one of the industry's foremost subject matter experts in the private wireless space. His expertise is insightful, compelling and meaningful to those developing as well as those using cellular solutions. His attention to detail, work ethic and proactive approach with people he works with is exceptional. And his contacts with some of the most important industry players is second to none."

David Callisch

"Alex's private LTE seminars brings together not only a diverse group of views amongst the panelists, but also sufficient time for the panel to work with the audience for a more personalized (V's canned) set of content and opinions. If you have an interest in PLTE and don't want purely the "the official line" on what may or may not happen, and instead are looking for insight and experience, I'd recommend going to one of Alex's sessions!"

David Howgill

"I was fortunate enough to attend The Besen Group's MVNO seminar at Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco. It was comprehensive and provided an excellent insight into cable operator's wireless strategy roadmaps, providing multiple case studies. The information provided during the seminar would likely be most useful to cable operators considering launching an MVNO."

Danny Preiskel

"I really appreciate The Besen Group session at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. They presented different MVNO business models and this was very insightful considering the current telecom landscape."

Desire Oulai

"We simply could not be more pleased with The Besen Group. We engaged Alex Besen to develop a customized business case tool for one of our products. His tool was very comprehensive and easy to use by our team. Alex was instrumental in helping us target our customers more effectively. We are particularly impressed by the depth of his hands-on experience. Alex has a thorough knowledge of all facets of new mobile eco-system, its business models and has the capability to speak the language of a CTO, CMO and CFO. We would highly recommend The Besen Group to any firm seeking mobile data services to gain the winning edge. We will certainly engage Alex again for future consulting projects."

DP Venkatesh

"I have had numerous discussions and consultation with Alex over the past several months, and I have found his subject matter knowledge and understanding of the mobile industry and MVNO space to very informative, insightful, and compelling. The 4G LTE Wholesale presentation that Alex delivered at the MVNO World Congress 2013 in Rome is a great example of this, and offers an in depth perceptive and view of the state of the business today, and for the future."

Fabio Campagna

"I had the pleasure to work with Alex during the MVNO seminar The Besen Group has organized at CTIA Super Mobility 2016. I was very impressed with Alex professionalism as well as by the tremendous network Alex provided us access to. I recommend Alex to anyone looking for insights in that field, from market intelligence to relevant contacts. I will look forward to continuing addressing the MVNO market, as well the mobile ecosystem overall together with The Besen Group."

Frederic Mathieu

"In addition to being a pleasant spirit, Alex's knowledge of and experiences with MVNOs, MVNAs, and MVNEs are of real value. Alex is super solid on the mobile wholesale industry in general. He understands 5G business models for MVNOs based on licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum and shared spectrum. A real contributor to advancing the world of wireless."

Gary Austin

"I have known and worked with Alex Besen for nearly fifteen years. He is an expert in the mobile industry and especially in the emerging mobile data markets. I first met him at a wireless conference before he joined our team at Omnipoint Communications. While a part of our team, he did several consolidation deals for us very successfully. Since those days, Alex has been actively involved with a number of companies helping them to launch and evaluate mobile data services. His experience is among the best in the industry and he delivers on his promises."

George Schmitt

"Alex is one of top subject matter experts in the MVNO industry. Alex's vision provides great confidence to the industry and persuade the big brands to transform the mobile services industry. Besen Group's MVNO solutions are really helpful for MVNOs in every stage from planning to execution. Alex's case studies have provided a new direction & a different perspective to MVNOs, brands, and sets standards in the MVNO management consulting. I strongly recommend his services to anyone looking to get into MVNO/M2M business."

Gopi Polavarapu

"We have received Alex's services when we were establishing our MVNO company. I have been satisfied with the level of professionalism, the work presented and the degree of focus. He is the man of his job."

Hakan Demir

"As a GSM operator, we have used the deep know how and consulting skills of Alex and have had a significant benefit in determining our MVNO strategy. He is a well-rounded business professional with a high level of sophistication and has extensive experience in MVNO practices."

Hakan Kaplan

"Alex was a colleague who introduced us to new concepts such as MVNOs and helped us create interesting solutions towards our customer, an innovative GSM operator. Alex maintained contact after he left and I am happy to see that he is a recognized expert in his field. His positive attitude in addition to his professional qualities makes him a delightful person to work with."

Halit Gunes

"Alex has been a very good partner to CTIA. His MVNO seminars were very well organized, received and attended. He is extremely knowledgeable, well-prepared, produced good events and marketed them well. It was great to work with someone who was low-maintenance and delivered a solid and turn-key product. I look forward to exploring ways to continue working with Alex at my new position at AUVSI."

Heather Lee Landers

"I recently had a chance to attend The Besen Group's private 5G seminar at MWC Las Vegas 2022. The quality of the speakers was excellent and all the topics were clarified. For someone trying to learn about private 5G, it is an excellent resource."

Haseeb Awan

"Alex Besen has organized a workshop for my company, dedicated to 4G LTE Wholesale and MVNOs, which was quite successful and productive. I can recommend Alex's seminars and customized workshops, very profitable for exploring the mobile wholesale market evolution."

Jean-Pierre Bienaime

"Great venue for MWC Las Vegas 2022 hosted by Alex and team to discuss private 5G seminar had a compelling set of speakers outlining the market trends in private 5G. Gained a unique perspective on high growth trends and further understanding of the market dynamics. Post conference the host events were a great channel to network and create new relationships. Certainly, looking forward to the next event. Alex, superbly done!"

Jeff Harman

"I had the pleasure of presenting at The Besen Group 's private LTE seminar earlier this month at CCA's Mobile Carriers Show 2019. Alex and his team put on a great seminar that was full of exceptional insights and answers to just about any question one would have regarding private LTE. The seminar was very well organized with lots of opportunities to network with industry leaders. Well done!"

Jeff Johnston

"I had the pleasure of working with Alex as a co-host of an exclusive MVNO Cocktail Reception event he arranged at the CTIA Super Mobility 2015 in Las Vegas. Alex conducted a highly successful session at the same CTIA show and gave an informative presentation about how to launch a successful MVNO in the US for a sold-out audience. Alex is a very knowledgeable professional in the MVNO and wireless industry and I would highly recommend him for companies seeking guidance and strategic insights about how to be successful in an ever-changing, highly competitive mobile industry."

Jennifer DiStaulo-Shin

"Alex put on a great seminar on Private 5G at MWC Las Vegas 2022. Great presenters brought a great audience to discuss the state of private 5G networks, how companies should think about the opportunity and how to pursue. He always ensures the right content and agenda to make it valuable for all."

Joe Walsh

"The Besen Group always does its homework. Alex Besen hosted another great seminar - "How Cable Operators Launch a Successful MVNO" at MWCA17. It was professional, content-rich and thought provoking, covering such pertinent topics as key success factors, M&A strategies, current case studies and small cell deployment cost modeling. It was very well received and garnered much attention from the top cable operators, MVNOs/MVNAs, investors and analysts in attendance. It also proved to be a valuable networking opportunity. Well done Alex."

John O'Malley

"I am gratified to have the opportunity to attend a private LTE seminar, How to Launch a Successful Private LTE Network, at MWC Los Angeles 2019 and I found the session to be outstanding in all respects. The session was sponsored by Limitless Mobile and managed by The Besen Group under the leadership of Alex Besen, Founder and CEO, who also gave a presentation on modeling a private LTE networks in sufficient detail for the audience to be able to understand how such modeling could be used in the development of a business case for a private LTE network. This session provided great value to enterprises, as well as mobile, cable and satellite operators who are planning to deploy a private LTE network. The session also featured several other speakers who illuminated additional aspects of private LTE networks' pertaining to their evolution to include make use of CBRS radio-frequency spectrum band in the US. The CEO of Limitless Mobile, Atte Miettinen, shared his insights on the additional complexity and required investment that is necessary if an operator who is planning a service in the CBRS band which includes a public service as a mobile network operator. I hope that this session will be updated and conducted at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona, in my opinion, it provided excellent value to those who invested their time in attending."

John Holmblad

"Alex was a tremendous asset to us during my tenure at Syniverse as we were deciding on how we could/would play in the then burgeoning MVNO market. There were a myriad of options and challenges in working to meet the demands of both the MVNO players and the mobile carriers who ultimately held much of the infrastructure and licenses. Alex brought his expertise in the mobile wholesale industry to provide us competitive analysis, pricing analysis, and helped us to shape our go-to-market strategy. Alex is professional, knowledgeable and insightful."

Joseph Emde

"I attended The Besen Group Private LTE workshop at MWC Los Angeles 2019. The program was timely and very informative. I came away convinced that Alex was not only a person to watch, but an asset to our industry."

Jon Fitzgerald

"Great Private 5G discussion at MWC Las Vegas 2022. Very informative with good enterprise use cases presented. And the best part was that the audience was almost 100% enterprise users rather than the vendors and service providers you tend to see at such events."

Juan Santiago

"Alex and his team have a broad network of resources within wireless, allowing them to piece together insights for their clients in an otherwise opaque industry. They're the first to build actionable knowledge whenever there's a new opportunity in technology or spectrum, which has been critical for Mobi over the past decade."

Justen Burdette

"Alex, it was great attending The Besen Group Private LTE seminar at MWC Los Angeles 2019 this year. Your overview and case study put things into context. Then, the follow-on sessions from industry painted a great picture of the opportunities that CBRS/Private Networks will bring to many segments of the marketplace. Great exchange of issues and ideas. Makes me more jazzed than ever that as an industry the opportunities continue to grow. Thank you."

Keith Kazcmarek

"During my time at Cradlepoint, I was heavily involved in Private LTE and represented Cradlepoint within the CBRS Alliance. I found Alex to be great resource regarding Private LTE business models and use cases. His presentations and written work are excellent and our conversations were very engaging and useful. I am happy to recommend Alex to anyone in the industry who is looking for knowledgeable expertise to help them with education, strategy and/or execution in the Private Wireless space."

Ken Hosac

"I had the pleasure of attending The Besen Group's MVNO seminar at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. The session was insightful and covered a lot of strategic angles that form the basis of a partial and full MVNO. The whole event was organized very well."

Krithika Moorti

"I participated in The Besen Group's MVNO seminar at 2017 MWC Americas. As a panelist, I got to see the "backdrop" of how diligent Alex worked to pull this event together. The preparation leading up to, and during the event, was meticulously well thought through. I very much enjoyed the experience as a participant in his seminar. Kudos to The Besen Group for a great event."

Kyung Mun

"I had the good fortune to be introduced by a mutual colleague, Rich Berliner, CEO/Published of Connected Real Estate Magazine at Fifth Gen Media, Inc. Alex's focus on driving education for stake holders in mobile data combined with his understanding of the needs and motivations of capital and end-users make for a unique combination. In 2019, I participated in The Besen Group's seminar, "How to Launch a Successful Private LTE Network" at MWC Los Angeles 2019. Alex led a lively discussion with a great group of industry leaders."

Marc Gittleman

"I attended a beneficial The Besen Group private 5G seminar at MWC Las Vegas 2022. The go-to-market strategy is crucial to succeeding in private 5G. In this seminar, Alex and their team showed us the process. For example, how to customize the business cases, demonstrate the economic benefits, develop partnerships, etc. All vendors planning to enter the 5G market should attend this seminar and discuss the go-to-market strategy with Alex's team."

Norihiro Hayakawa

"Alex Besen has a very good insight of the telecommunication business environment and is able to develop win-win business models and business plans for potential opportunities in the mobile data industry. Alex had been one of the key and crucial members of the project team of Ericsson Turkey, developing mobile communication business models including a detailed segmentation of consumer markets. As a person, he is reliable and trustworthy and will perform better than your expectations and needs. I am sure you will be extremely satisfied from the services you will get from him."

Omer Onur

"We brought Alex in to provide us with a more global view of MVNO business models and trends. He has an extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge on the global MVNO marketplace, and was a source of great insights and value to our research project."

Patrick Scannell

"I had the fortune to work with Alex during my wireless career. Alex has a solid knowledge of the mobile wholesale ecosystem including MVNEs, MVNAs, MVNOs and HNOs. He was able to identify a target list of MVNOs in the US mobile industry and has published multiple case studies. He not only provided go-to-market strategies to MVNOs in order to launch their services successfully, but also has developed strong partnerships and comprehensive MVNO business cases to demonstrate the ROI for each party. Alex is very experienced and knowledgeable in the MVNO ecosystem. What's great about Alex is that he has integrated this knowledge with a relationship-building strategy with his clients."

Peg Wright

"Alex Besen's seminar at MWC Los Angeles 2019 was excellent. No wonder it was oversubscribed and there was standing room only. The topic of private LTE networks can be confusing but Alex and his excellent panel made it interesting. It was a very educative seminar. I am glad I attended it."

Raghu Rao

"I happened to attend the Private LTE seminar hosted by The Besen Group at MWC Los Angeles 2019. This was a great informative session with excellent content and real world scenarios. Alex did an excellent job in showcasing the possibilities of private LTE setup within small enterprises and commercial environments with the support of an outstanding panel. Good luck for all your future endeavors."

Ramana Vara Mounika Penugonda

"I wanted to write you a note and tell you how much great feedback I got from your CBRS program at MWC Los Angeles 2019. The attendees spoke highly of the content, your approach and the overall composition of the event. I was pleased that we helped you attract a good group to attend and they came away happy with their experience. I would love to work with you in the future on more of these and help in any way I can. All the best."

Rich Berliner

"Alex Besen is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented professional who is frequently ahead of the game with new and innovative ideas. Able to meet challenges head on, he is extremely effective in uncovering new, qualified opportunities and driving them to success. Alex is a willing partner, seeking mutually beneficial outcomes with integrity and respect for the client's goals."

Roland M. Guegel

"Alex Besen's MVNO seminar, "How Cable Operators Launch a Successful MVNO," at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 was a wonderful event that covered a wide range of topics all connected to the MVNO business model. The panelists he brought together are all experts in their respective fields, bringing their own unique perspective to the table. This was not the first Besen Group seminar that I have attended, and really all of the events Alex puts together are well thought out and carefully scheduled to pack in as much information as possible. I value his insights and I cannot recommend his seminars enough."

Sarah James

"I had the opportunity to attend one of Alex's excellent presentations during a recent Sprint Wholesale sponsored event. He is clearly a subject matter expert in the MVNO industry and communicated his wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand manner that was suited to an audience in the process of considering entering the MVNO space."

Sarah Smith

"I recently attended The Besen Group event at the CTIA Super Mobility 2016 conference in Las Vegas entitled In-Depth Look at The State of the US MVNO Market 2016. The seminar was well conceived and informative, with a good line-up of speakers representing a wide variety of perspectives. Alex suggested in his market overview that the US mobile market has reached a stage of penetration and maturity which will be conductive to a new wave of MVNO and wholesale activity. It's very clear, Alex knows the MVNO market trends and players, both in the US and abroad."

Sanford Jewett

"Congratulations for an excellent and informative event at MWC Los Angeles 2019. It was very engaging and I learned quite a bit about the current market and opportunities as they are unfolding in the 5G and LTE industries. Keep up the good work."

Scott Crist

"Enjoyed attending The Besen Group Cable MVNO seminar at MWC Americas 2017. Very informational session on the financial analysis of the MVNOs and challenges that are being addressed."

Shashi Mariputtana

"At Altran a global services company, I worked with Alex to help define use cases and implementation strategies around wireless private networks for both 4G and 5G systems. Alex has an extremely in depth understanding of the multi-faceted challenge of deploying private networks. Alex's portfolio of experiences and use cases in private networks created successful engagements and a blueprint for engaging the industry in the area of private networks. He was instrumental in helping to develop the business case, the technical roadmaps, and the necessary partnerships to realize solutions for a multinational farm equipment supplier and the world leader in 5G mobile networks. I would strongly recommend Alex and his wide scope of services and capabilities for any project with private networks as a key ingredient for success and completion for 5G private networks and services."

Sidney Bryson

"Alex is an absolute pleasure to work with. Alex is extremely well versed in the history of wireless development, whilst also accurately predicting future business models and disruptive partnerships which will be enabled next through 4G/cable and other technologies. He is well connected, professional, extremely sharp and above all, courteous. If you get the chance to work together, don't hesitate to do it."

Sophie Bailey

"Alex Besen is a very talented consultant in the TLC market with a particular expertise for the MVNO business development all around the world. He is always ready to serve any client with the best of his knowledge."

Stefano Rimbano

"Alex's contacts in the wireless industry and keen insight into trends and business opportunities were invaluable in building Omnipoint into a top-tier player in North America."

Stephen McCrudden

"Alex's experience in the MVNO market combined with his understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by new MVNO entrants allows him to take a unique perspective. One example of this is his recently published MVNO case studies that focus on the mobile opportunity available to cable operators. In these case studies he leverages his knowledge of host MNO charges to provide quantitative data to compare various scenarios that a cable operator may pursue. These scenarios clearly illustrate the importance of using Wi-Fi calling to minimize host MNO charges and thereby making a move to provide mobile services economically viable for cable companies that already have a broadband and Wi-Fi infrastructure."

Steve Northridge

"Alex Besen - CEO of The Besen Group LLC, is one the industry's leading experts focused on MVNO and other disruptive business models deployed in the wireless world. CCA partnered with The Besen Group presenting a timely, strategic 4G LTE wholesale seminar during the CCA annual trade show. The session was very well received and exceeded expectations. The Besen Group seminar was an excellent informational source for wireless industry professionals to learn more about new disruptive business models facing the mobile industry."

Steven K. Berry

"Alex did a great job presenting the revenue possibilities that Private LTE networks could bring to small carriers, property owners and anyone interested in the communications business of the future. His unique understanding of all the critical components to building an efficient effective business around the LTE technology provides a road map of unequaled insight. The Besen Group Private LTE session at Mobile Carriers Show 2019 was well attended and received great reviews from attendees. I hope that Alex will join us next year to provide an updated session briefing. Thanks, Alex! All the best."

Steven K. Berry

"Private Networks (both LTE & 5G) are expected to play a critical role in bringing new opportunities to improve the business and operational processes for every enterprise and industry. The ecosystem for enabling Private Networks via robust LTE/5G connectivity continues to advance, and seminars like this are crucial to increase awareness to realize the potential of such networks. Alex's seminar at Mobile Carriers Show 2019 went into details on the various business models for deploying Private LTE utilizing the CBRS spectrum, this helps in understanding how the various players need to collaborate/partner to deliver an E2E solution. The business case tool overview gave a quantitative assessment of the ROI for CBRS deployment and the use cases presented by various speakers were very insightful. Overall, an excellent and informative seminar, I look forward to attending more of such sessions from Alex."

Sudhir Kunnath

"Alex has an extensive hands-on experience in the mobile wholesale industry, working with MVNOs and MVNEs globally. He has a solid understanding of the US MVNO market, as he developed different MVNO market research initiatives, including business cases and innovative case studies. He was gracious to share such interesting results during his presentation at various industry trade shows."

Yael Shatzky

"I have known Alex for over five years. He always has the pulse of what is happening in the mobile space. I was at a seminar organized by Alex last month on private CBRS networks. The analysis and the business drivers he presented helped me get a much better understanding of this emerging space. The private network business model tool he created is thorough and unique. Great job Alex. I look forward to more such insights from Alex."

Venky Swaminathan