The Besen Group integrates Pay-As-You-Go-Pricing Model for Private Networks

March 21, 2022

Washington, DC

The Besen Group, an international mobile data industry management consulting practice headquartered in the Washington DC area, with representatives in Paris and Tokyo, integrates today Pay-As-You-Go pricing model for private networks business case tools and total cost of ownership (TCO) tools.

“Given the recent public announcements from the key players in the US private networks market, we integrated pay-as-you-go pricing model for our private networks business case tools and TCO tools,” said Alex Besen, Founder and CEO of The Besen Group LLC. “We strongly believe that Network as a Service (NaaS) model will be effective and viable solution for launching private networks including private LTE, private 5G and neutral host networks.”

The Besen Group integrated Pay-As-You-Go pricing model to the following business case tools and TCO tools for private networks:

Each tool has the capability to calculate Pay-As-You-Go pricing based on number of radio units, number of subscribers, number of IoT devices or network throughput.

The Besen Group offers each tool on a corporate license basis. The license fee includes one hour telephone consultation with the senior analyst to explain the methodology, assumptions and formulas.

The Besen Group can also develop customized business case tools or total cost of ownership tools based on its client requirements and use cases.

For any questions or license information, please send an email with contact details including name, title, company name, phone number to

The Besen Group's Tool Brochure can be downloaded at:

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