The Besen Group offers Complimentary Private 5G Network TCO Analysis for Enterprises

May 15, 2023

Washington, DC

The Besen Group, an international mobile data industry management consulting practice headquartered in the Washington DC area, with representatives in Paris and Tokyo, offers complimentary private 5G network TCO analysis for enterprises globally.

“With our 5G Sspectrum TCO Tool for Private 5G Networks, we can calculate the total cost of any indoor or outdoor private 5G network is less than 10 minutes,” said Alex Besen, Founder and CEO of The Besen Group LLC. “Our TCO analysis will help enterprises to have a solid understanding of their total cost of their private 5G networks during their negotiations with their vendors, system integrators and hyperscalers.”

For the private 5G network TCO analysis, The Besen Group will schedule one hour telephone consultation with each enteprise in order to collect basis market size parameters including estimated bandwidth consumption for their private network use cases.

Upon the completion of the telephone consultation, The Besen Group will provide a complimentary TCO analysis report in PDF format to each enterprise.

The report will include: Market Size, Capex Statement, Opex Statement, TCO Summary and Summary Graphs. Enterprises will also have the opportunity to license 5G Spectrum TCO Tool for Private 5G Networks and do their own TCO analysis based on different private network deployment scenarios.

The Besen Group's Tool Brochure contains the following business case tools and TCO tools:

The Besen Group offers each tool on a corporate license basis. The license fee includes one hour telephone consultation with the senior wireless analyst to explain the methodology, assumptions and formulas.

The Besen Group can also develop customized business case tools or total cost of ownership tools based on its client requirements and use cases. For any questions or license information, please send an email with contact details including name, title, company name, phone number to

The tool brochure can be downloaded at:

About The Besen Group

The Besen Group is an international management consulting practice to the mobile industry headquartered in the Washington DC area, with representatives in Paris and Tokyo. Its mission is to provide mobile players with tools, knowledge, and services enabling them to perform optimally in their mobile environment. The Besen Group’s competitive edge is based on practical experience with mobile operators, mobile vendors and a mobile data laboratory. Learn More